sometimes we miss obvious things

so this actually isn’t a design woe, but a “holy shit i never considered this before” but as part of the residuum kickstarter, i got to talk for a lil over 30min with ralph disylvestro, the designer and i gave him some of the basics of the new game i’m working on and

holy shit

even that little talk has me working out new things with the games design and i s2g how in the world did i never consider deck searching mechanics in this.

honestly, i’m gonna open up tabletop simulator when my sis isn’t on steam and look through smashup. i’m also going to pull out tanto cuore, see what kind of mechanics and abilities it has and see what i can use in this game.

the idea that certain classes can have different hands should not have taken me this long to realize. like it’s so obvious in hindsight. i’m probably going to rework the stats idea too in a bit as well.

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