if you follow me on social media you probs know i’m a bit of a busy bee lol.

currently working on one zine piece, one secret santa piece, and 3 birthday/1k follower raffle prizes.

once the stuff with a deadline are finished i’ll be able to focus a bit more exclusively on the unnamed / cosmic number productions game. the plan is to have an SRD and quickstart available by May (if not earlier), compile a list of artists who will work with, and then get the full version – and hopefully a unique doujin print run – kickstarted by Q3 2021!

somewhere in that mess i’m hoping to go to japan so dates are fluid lol

as of right now, i’m testing the base mechanics and trying to figure out how many cards are needed to successfully play this game. then it’s figuring out if it’s feasible to play this game sans GM or solo (it’s shaping up to be but i got to actually get people to test it). then it’s designing all the classes (why did i decide to make it tarot themed lol) and the races (there’s a lot of those too). then editing and fluff and… well… it’s still a long ways to go

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