small updates

…i don’t think there’s a lot of people who check this place out but updates about my life / game probably get dumped on my blog way before they get put here just because it’s easier to access on mobile lol.

on the docket — reworking the compass rose and escape because the originals that are up on are very basic / have a bunch of typos / impossible to read on small devices / aren’t good with screen readers. that means retyping stuff, providing them as a plain pdf and a graphic pdf version.

doing a few small things for arcana rose. have a game based off of one of my favorite fics in the works plus some ideas for jams based off the system if only to try and get it out there.

so yeah that’s what’s been happening rn.

The Compass Rose is Live!

As of earlier today, version 0.1 of The Rose System SRD plus a quickstart is available for download for free!

Check out <3

welcome to 2021

goals for the new year:

  • get a working beta version of the rose system / arcana rose ttrpg avaialble for download on
  • playtest rose system / arcana rose
  • finish writing everything
  • commission art for it
  • kickstart a doujin run
  • (not related to ttrpg but i’m really hoping i can go to japan this year ;3; )


if you follow me on social media you probs know i’m a bit of a busy bee lol.

currently working on one zine piece, one secret santa piece, and 3 birthday/1k follower raffle prizes.

once the stuff with a deadline are finished i’ll be able to focus a bit more exclusively on the unnamed / cosmic number productions game. the plan is to have an SRD and quickstart available by May (if not earlier), compile a list of artists who will work with, and then get the full version – and hopefully a unique doujin print run – kickstarted by Q3 2021!

somewhere in that mess i’m hoping to go to japan so dates are fluid lol

as of right now, i’m testing the base mechanics and trying to figure out how many cards are needed to successfully play this game. then it’s figuring out if it’s feasible to play this game sans GM or solo (it’s shaping up to be but i got to actually get people to test it). then it’s designing all the classes (why did i decide to make it tarot themed lol) and the races (there’s a lot of those too). then editing and fluff and… well… it’s still a long ways to go


spoke with the other half of cosmic number productions.

as of today. “Escape” and the original cosmic number productions ruleset are being retired. it will probably stay up for the time being but it’s being revamped to correspond to the new rules i’m writing now

(this is probably a good thing. why did i think a 6 die per person minimum was a good idea!?)

there is.. a lot of problems with escape. so i’ll be repurposing it and merge it with the unamed game (i gues that makes the unnamed game now the new cnp game? haha, tags)

sometimes we miss obvious things

so this actually isn’t a design woe, but a “holy shit i never considered this before” but as part of the residuum kickstarter, i got to talk for a lil over 30min with ralph disylvestro, the designer and i gave him some of the basics of the new game i’m working on and

holy shit

even that little talk has me working out new things with the games design and i s2g how in the world did i never consider deck searching mechanics in this.

honestly, i’m gonna open up tabletop simulator when my sis isn’t on steam and look through smashup. i’m also going to pull out tanto cuore, see what kind of mechanics and abilities it has and see what i can use in this game.

the idea that certain classes can have different hands should not have taken me this long to realize. like it’s so obvious in hindsight. i’m probably going to rework the stats idea too in a bit as well.

“design woes”

so i can have a category for posts that is just me yelling about how designing is (not) going


so there’s going to be a category of posts which are just my thoughts on various games. take these reviews with a grain of salt because what i look for in games may be vastly different than what you look for in games.

Hello world!

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