small updates

…i don’t think there’s a lot of people who check this place out but updates about my life / game probably get dumped on my blog way before they get put here just because it’s easier to access… Read More

The Compass Rose is Live!

As of earlier today, version 0.1 of The Rose System SRD plus a quickstart is available for download for free! Check out <3

welcome to 2021

goals for the new year: get a working beta version of the rose system / arcana rose ttrpg avaialble for download on playtest rose system / arcana rose finish writing everything commission art for it kickstart a… Read More


if you follow me on social media you probs know i’m a bit of a busy bee lol. currently working on one zine piece, one secret santa piece, and 3 birthday/1k follower raffle prizes. once the stuff with… Read More


spoke with the other half of cosmic number productions. as of today. “Escape” and the original cosmic number productions ruleset are being retired. it will probably stay up for the time being but it’s being revamped to correspond… Read More

sometimes we miss obvious things

so this actually isn’t a design woe, but a “holy shit i never considered this before” but as part of the residuum kickstarter, i got to talk for a lil over 30min with ralph disylvestro, the designer and… Read More

“design woes”

so i can have a category for posts that is just me yelling about how designing is (not) going