a list of games i’ve been a part of or designed!

The Rose System

Currently available is The Compass Rose, a system reference document to make your own product with the system, and {Escape!}, a revamped version of the original quickstart using The Rose System. Both can be downloaded for free here.


the first game i made. currently revamping, feel free to follow the progress along in the cnp rpg tag!

this game can be found here and downloaded for free (or you can toss us some coin lmao). it’s a really crappy game but the idea of the quickstart has merit. currently it’s going to be revamped to use the same system as the tarot game. or more accurately, the tarot game is being repurposes to redo this.

untitled tarot game

currently the tag for this is “that unnamed rpg” – currently in the process to refine the base rules and set up something like an SRD.

The Mating Game

a Hikikomori hack of knotting proportions

a solo journaling game set in the omegaverse. this tag is omegaverse ttrpg.